ENSURE Freight Inc(EFI) - Working with network of reputable business partners

Charges Collect would assist and relieve passengers of any frustrations and also, assist the airline concerned at the check-in counter by ensuring their passengers have an alternative. To ensure all excess baggage shipped by EFI Excess Baggage services, whether inbound or outbound, would be properly handled. EFI Excess Baggage business partners worldwide are carefully chosen for their track record. All shipments are fully insured against losses, pilferage and damage, upon customer request.


For all inbound shipments handled by EFI Excess Baggage Services on Door to Airport or Airport to Airport basis, would be delivered to the Arrival Lounge at PIA. The normal procedure of such baggage is to be collected from the Cargo Terminal. The simplified process is proposed so as to ensure returning passengers can collect their checked baggage at the Arrival Lounge together with their Excess Baggage for easy customs clearance.


For outbound passengers who would like to collect their excess baggage shipped by EFI Excess Baggage at the same time when they arrive at their destinations, it could be arrange provided passengers deposit their baggage in advance, to EFI Excess Baggage Worldwide.


For all door to door deliveries worldwide, EFI Un-accompanied Excess Baggage has appointed partners un-matched players in the industry i.e. FedEx and DHL, to complement their operations. That is ensure EFI’s customers receives the most convenient, speedy and safe deliveries.


EFI Excess Baggage proposes to extend the aforementioned services to Students and Tourists and foreign workers returning home. They will thus have easy collections of their excess baggage at PIA in the most economical, convenient and safe manners.


Foreign tourists can do more shopping by buying more Canadian product to bring home without paying exorbitant charges at the airport. Foreign workers who are returning home with lots of personal goods can also, do so by paying less, using EFI Excess Baggage.


The best of the best part of this service would surely result in creating lots of jobs for Ontarians.

HIGH excess baggage charges have been a big deterrent that discourage airline passengers from carrying more than they would like. Passengers already at the airport do not have much choice about the matter as either pay up at the check-in counter, arrange to send the baggage through a cargo agent or do not carry excess baggage.


EFI Excess Baggage Worldwide provides Door to Door, Door to Airport and Airport to Airport deliveries of passenger’s excess baggage at 35% to 50% discount on airline’s regular excess baggage charges. Upon customer’s request, we could also, arrange the higher volume of passenger baggage/shipments by Ocean Freight, Full or Partial Container Load.


EFI Excess Baggage Worldwide proposes its establishment to provide airline passengers with an alternative. All this service could be arranged at PIA (Pearson International Airport) or off the airport at the convenience of passengers. We trust that Airline Operators Committee which represents all scheduled airlines operating at Pearson Airport wants to ensure all their passengers are provided the best possible services in line with practices to other international airports in the world. There is a need to provide passengers with a cost effective alternative to airlines excess baggage charges.


With airlines and airports getting more concerned about safety and security, PIA and AOC should be agreed on the strict enforcement of single piece hand baggage policy as recommended by IATA for all travelers at PIA. Passengers who are unaware of the hand baggage policy and do not have enough money to pay for airline’s excess baggage at the airport are usually caught in dilemma.


EFI Excess Baggage Worldwide invites attention of PIA and AOC to provide the Un-accompanied baggage facility services at the departure lounge of PIA. To contribute to the success of PIA as a world class airport, EFI Excess Baggage Services should be set up by providing a Service Counter at the Check-in Area, Departure Lounge, Baggage Reclaim area and the Arrival Lounge at the main terminal building at PIA in order to be able to provide total solution and services of Un-accompanied Baggage services at PIA 24/7. COD (Charges Collect on Delivery facility would be available to the passengers carrying lots of excess baggage and caught at PIA unaware of the high airline excess baggage charges without the necessary funds to pay the airlines.