We have over 16 years experience in the air/sea freight and courier business and the only company specializing in excess baggage in Canada since 2002. Ensure Freight Inc is the only company facilitating the Excess Baggage (Unaccompanied Baggage Facility) at Toronto, Canada and all major cities in Pakistan.

Up to 30% - 50% discount on the regular accompanied baggage charges of the carrier. In some cases, it could be even more than 50%. Compare our rates for the same weight that you are entitled for @ CAD$ 120/- in comparison to airlines rates CAD$ 186/package of 23-28 kg. The minimum chargeable weight is 28 kg @ CAD 125/-, each add kg @ CAD 4/- approx. Maximum weight of each package should not be <28 kg. For further details, please contact us at afzal@ensurefreightinc.com

YES, EFI can arrange the baggage to travel with you on the same flight if, the baggage is deposited with EFI minimum 2 days prior passenger’s departure along with complete carrier and flight detail.

No, not usually, your baggage would arrive at the airport and goes to the luggage department. EFI provides airline tracking #, transit and contact detail of our destination office to provide an update in baggage collection to save your precious time. However, we are neither responsible nor to be claimed for delays due to carrier’s technicality and or time zone difference.

EFI is able to deliver your at the arrival carousel as it is the a value added service provided to all passengers coming to QIAP, Karachi. You will clear your baggage as per normal procedure for all checked-in baggage at the customs counter.

We take your load from and to 70 countries around the world by air and ocean.

YES, door to door and airport to door service to most destination. If you are sending items other than Personal Effects, customs formalities may be required. For more info, please contact us.

EFI Worldwide Excess Baggage Services only use passenger aircraft.

There are currently over 150 airlines serving Canada. As a CASS Member, we are allowed to use any and all of them.

Once your baggage is in the care of EFI Worldwide Excess Baggage Services, we will advise you the airline your baggage is traveling on, the airway bill number, tracking number, the transit time and contact of the airline at the airport of destination. Your baggage can then be collected at the cargo department (other than that for destination airports where baggage can be collected at the arrival carousel-please check with EFI on list of airports where baggage can be collected at the arrival hall).

EFI Worldwide Excess Baggage Service uses all international airlines next available flight to the destination. The usual time frame is as follows: South East Asia 3-4 days America/Canada 1-2 days Europe 2-4 days Africa 2-3 days For any other destination not listed above, please contact EFI for a complete list. Even though we use the best international airlines – EFI Worldwide Excess Baggage Service pays a premium-we are not responsible for delays how ever they occur. If your baggage is delayed, please keep in touch with the airline your baggage is traveling with. Most airlines have online tracking systems or e-mail EFI on afzal@ensurefreightinc.com . Please be aware of the different times zones when you sent email.

There are sometimes airline terminal fees and/or Quarantine fees payable at some destinations. This is at the discretion of each country or airline. EFI consign all baggage direct to airport to destination to avoid agents fees. If, you are asked to pay any fees, ask what the payment is for and always ask for an official receipt.

Duties, GST, Sales Tax, VAT vary from country to country and usually if, you have owned your personal effects for more than 12 months, usually, no TAX is applicable on your luggage. You may be asked for receipts to show as an evidence of ownership and date of purchase.

You can either call EFI or email us at afzal@ensurefreightinc.com . We will contact you back to advise the pick up time for the following day. If, you are not at home or the given number, we would endeavor to leave a message, so please, ensure that you contact us back to confirm the pick up time. Please ensure that you have everything packed up, sealed and labeled when our driver arrives.

Yes, you can. Our Head Office is open Monday to Friday 0830 to 1630 and Saturday 0830 to 1300 to our office located at 1744 Meyerside Dr., Unit # 106, Mississauga, ON., L5T 1A3.

Your baggage is going to travel across the world so, please pack and sealed your valuable items in good quality strong boxes, bags or suitcases, tape, etc. etc.. Please bare in mind that those are your personal effects. Please do not overload your boxes, bags or suitcase as you pay by weight and not by the number of packages.

EFI Worldwide Excess Baggage Service does not provide packing service but we do have a number of professional packers that we could recommend. Please contact us for the list of professional packers.

Please do not pack items classified as “dangerous / hazardous / flammable, ornament/jewellery, cash, passport, blank cheques, banned or not permitted by international airport etc. etc (for detail, please call or email us).

Please ensure, 2 sides of package(s) are labeled (can be obtained from the travel agent) in English language with your name and destination address/country.

You may seal your baggage. We or airlines don’t want to know or see or open your baggage as they are subject to X-ray examination and search if, necessary. However, customs and security agencies at any airport can inspect the packages without your presence. You would be asked to sign an undertaking/indemnity letter in consideration of the security and risk of the carrier.

Please make a packing list of the contents you packed as the destination customs may require one. EFI Worldwide Excess Baggage Service do not require the packing list unless there is extra insurance needed.

Our experience proofs that nearly all the baggage is by weight. Airlines have a requirement of 167 kg per cubic meter or whichever is greater. This may be very confusing but rest assured that unless you have “skiing equipment, surf board, furniture, bicycle, boxes of feather or eggs”, don’t worry about volume charges. Min. w/v is 167 kg per cubic meter.

We accept payments in cash and most major credit cards.

You can send the baggage on Freight Collect – C.O.D. basis. Please check with us or email at afzal@ensurefreightinc.com on the terms and conditions for such service.

At the time if pick up your baggage fro your door step, our mobile office will be equipped with a certified weight scale for weighing baggage. Alternatively, should you deliver your baggage to our head office or airport counter, a certified weight scale is also available.

It is at the discretion of our staff / representative on pick up or at the counter to accept the baggage and boxes if, not properly packed.

As per regulations of international un-accompanied baggage, the same would be with held for 24 hours known as “cooling period” in the secure store prior to be on board.

We have a free secure storage for a nominal time for baggage that is leaving Canada. We are not a left baggage facility or a storage depot but a company providing services for excess baggage.

All baggage shipped through EFI Worldwide Excess Baggage Service is insured with the international airlines for loss or visible damage for CAD $ 09 per kg. Any claims must be made to EFI Worldwide Excess Baggage Service either by phone, fax or email at afzal@ensurefreightinc.com.

The minimum weight we accept is 15 kg but minimum chargeable weight remains 28 kg.

We have no maximum weight limit. We ship baggage of all sizes, weight and dimensions worldwide.