General Informations and Definitions

General Information

Articles or goods brought into the Country in commercial quantities may be subject to a Customs fine in addition to the applicable duty and taxes. Bringing in of foreign currencies is permitted without any limit. A passenger can bring any amount of any foreign currency to Pakistan. Conditions for admissibility of allowances to passengers entering Pakistan are as under; 

Condonation  The customs officials can condone the following: 

1.Short visits of up to four months to Pakistan during the last two years for availing the Transfer of Residence;

2.Shortfall up to four months in the period of two years stay abroad for availing the Transfer of Residence (conditions apply); and

3.Late arrival of unaccompanied baggage up to sixty days provided the goods are booked abroad within fifteen days of the date of arrival of the passenger in Pakistan

Where the total period is up to two months, this can be condoned by the Assistant Collector; and

Where the total period is of more than two months but less than four months, this can be condoned by the Additional Collector. 

Re-import of articles or goods earlier taken out of Pakistan can be brought back free of custom duty and other taxes. 

Passengers intending to re-import articles or goods are advised to obtain export certificate or an endorsement on the passport, as to the exact description of the articles or goods, and distinguishable marks thereof certified by the Assistant Collector of Customs at the time of passengerís departure from Pakistan. 

Duty free re-import of articles or goods are not allowed in the absence of the export certificate or endorsement on the passport. 

Unaccompanied Baggage means the personal items which are carried by the passenger and are shipped before or after the journey is under taken. In case of unaccompanied baggage, the passenger has to file a baggage declaration on the Customs Form when arriving in Pakistan. Form sample is available upon request.


Baggage means personal wearing apparel and other personal, professional and household effects of a passenger. 

Export                  means articles or goods out of the Country by air, land or sea.

Import                  means bringing articles or goods into the Country by air, land or sea. 

Items of personal use include

     Personal wearing apparel and clothing accessories;    

      Personal adornments, toiletry items and electric shaver;            

      Push-cart, toys and goods for personal use of a child passenger;             

      Wheel chair for personal use;          

      Medals, trophies and prizes bestowed upon the passenger;       

      Electric iron, hair dryer and hairdresser;         

      200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 500 grams of manufactured tobacco;       

      Mobile phone;     

      Wrist watch; Laptop computer and its accessories in use of the passenger.   

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