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At Ensure Freight Inc., we understand that almost every person and corporation has encountered what is today called Logistics & Shipping at least once. For many there is an every day business requirement to choose the best mode of transportation to suit personal or business needs. The selection will first be made from the choice of Air, Ocean, Trucking or Express Courier, with a decision usually based on the commodity and whether the shipment is large or small. e.g. boxes of commercial goods such as machinery, electrical items, security equipments, health and medical equipment, automobiles, books, computers, excess and unaccompanied baggage, household personal effects, overseas moving, important documents and sample. The cost, of course, will be a strong point for consideration as well as transit times offered by the carrier.

With Ensure Freight Inc. you are assured your shipment will be handled in an efficient and safe manner, with all of the arrangements made easy for you through use of our time management tools, formatted documents, online booking facility and tools for document receipt.  As soon as you access our web- based internet information system you will find we offer a worldwide international agent network to cater the requirements of overseas handling of your shipment. Through web-based system your could arrange own shipping with us from almost anywhere, you can do it at any time of the day or week. You will also be pleased to find our prices are more than fair as our rates are guaranteed to be competitive for all modes of transport.

At Ensure Freight we work with every customer to reduce paperwork and thereby protect our environment. We do this by minimizing the necessity of both printer and  fax through the use of our integrated  website. Look for us at and see how much we can do for you.

We want to hear from you. Please call us for an answer to any shipping query you may have.