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Baggage Rules
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This brochure provides basic information for the benefit of passengers entering and departing Pakistan, (the example of Pakistan is used here, including Pakistan Rules in effect  on 1 January, 2010) to better understand their rights and obligations.

Information container herein is intended only to be used as a guide. The laws of any Country being visited always prevail and the laws or rules are subject to change, however, the passenger is invariably responsible for his/her compliance with the laws of any Country being visited, including when the passenger is in transit through one Country while en route to another one.

Incoming passengers 

Duty free allowance for Pakistani nationals after a stay abroad of 8 or more days. 

Pakistani nationals returning home with stay of 8 days or more are entitled to fixed duty facility on the following goods:

  • Television

  • Deep freezer

  • Refrigerator

  • Microwave oven

  • Cooking range

  • Washing machine

  • Air conditioner

(For the fixed rates of duty please refer to SRO NO. 682(1)/2006 dated 29th June, 2006) 

Duty free allowance for Pakistani nationals availing “Transfer of Residence” 

Pakistani nationals returning home and availing the Transfer of Residence (for details see page 5) are entitled to following duty free allowance: 

·Duty Free allowances as admissible to Pakistani nationals with stay abroad of 8 days or more (for details see page 8).

·Old and used furniture, fixture, cutlery, crockery, kitchen utensils, rugs, carpets, household linen, bedding, blankets and other household goods generally used by a family during their stay abroad (excluding television, deep freezer, refrigerator, microwave oven, cooking range, washing machine and air-conditioner):

·Professional tools and equipments of the value not exceeding US$ 5000 (conditions apply).

·Second-hand or used medical equipment including electrical medical equipment if for use by a registered medical practitioner recognized by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council;

·Weapon of non-prohibited bore for the personnel of the Armed Forces, Customs, police or other law enforcement agency.

·Other goods (excluding television, deep freezer, refrigerator, microwave oven, cooking range, washing machine and air-conditioner) of the value not exceeding US $ 1000 purchased from one of the duty free shops in Pakistan within 60 days of the arrival; and

·Concessionary duty allowance for Pakistani nationals availing “Transfer of Residence”

·Pakistani nationals returning home and availing the transfer of Residence are also entitled to concessionary duty (50% of the fixed duty payable) on the following goods:

·One television; One deep freezer;

·One refrigerator; One microwave oven;

·One cooking range; One washing machine;

·One air conditioner;

 (For the fixed rates of duty please refer to SRO No. 682(1)/2006 dated 29th June, 2006)

Duty credit for Pakistani nationals holding Foreign Exchange Remittance Card 

Pakistani nationals holding Foreign Exchange Remittance Card are entitled to a credit against the duty payable by them, once in a calendar year, as under:

Type of Foreign Exchange Remittance Card Amount remitted through normal banking channel

(in US$ or equivalent foreign Currency)

Duty Credit

(in Pakistani Rupees)

Silver 2,500 or more 10,000
Silver Plus 5,000 or more 20,000
Golden 10,000 or more 30,000
Golden Plus 25,000 or more 50,000
Platinum 50,000 or more 100,000

The above duty credit can be redeemed against the duty payable on: 

  1. Accompanied baggage;
  2. Unaccompanied baggage; or
  3. Purchases from one of the duty free shops in Pakistan;

However, this cannot be redeemed against import of vehicles. The redemption of the duty credit shall be endorsed by the customs official on the passport of the Foreign Exchange Card holder with the following details: 

  1. Date and flight number;                    

  2. FERC No. date and place of issue;                 

  3. Amount of credit available and amount of credit utilized;                        

  4. Name and designation of the Customs officer;                           

  5. Signature; and                     

  6. Date and place of endorsement;                     

 Personal and household goods of a Pakistani national who dies abroad 

Personal and household goods imported by the next-of-kin of a Pakistani national who dies abroad are exempt from payment of all customs-duty and taxes.

Outgoing passengers

All outgoing passengers are allowed to take their personal baggage and household goods, and any other goods provided their export is not prohibited or restricted under the Customs Act 1969 Import & Export (Control) Act 1950 or under any other law for the time being in force.

TIPS for Travelers 


  • Make yourself aware of customs, quarantine regarding agriculture and wildlife etc, currency, trade policy, duty and other tax regulations. Only the most commonly asked situations have been explained in this brochure. Feel free to contact our office for further guidance and information.
  • Be aware that possession of drugs can result in heavy penalties in the shape of fines, imprisonment or even death penalty in some countries.
  • Ask a customs officer if you are in doubt about the particular situation while filling in the incoming passenger card, given to you before arriving in Pakistan.
  • Pack articles or goods in a way that it is easy to access for customs examination. This helps to speed up your clearance and save time.
  • Have a safe and enjoyable trip.


  • Carry articles or goods for other people. If you do and the articles or goods are prohibited or restricted, you will be held responsible.
  • Believe you are “not the type” customs officers may select you and your baggage for detailed examination. For a number of reasons, selection should not be seen as reflection on a person’s integrity or character.
  • Provide false or misleading information to customs. Penalties for false information (such as false receipts) are severe and may result in confiscation of your articles or goods.
  • Break the law in any country.
  • Expect that your unaccompanied baggage is entitled to the same duty and tax-free concessions as articles or goods in accompanied baggage. Customs rules vary in each Country. 

Comments and Suggestions 

We welcome your comments about this brochure and your suggestions for future editions. 

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